Our ValuesValues

“Kanavos Constructions”  has been established as a reliable company showcasing devotion to its values and people.

We aim to forge longlasting relationships based on mutual trust with our clients and our associates.

We create a space that promotes personal growth and cultivate ideas towards a common goal.

Our common values unite us and provide the context for a harmonious cooperation towards an ideal outcome.


Teamwork is the driving force that unite us towards the fulfillment of our common goal and mobilize us to succeed the optimal result. Our team members are empowered by the assumption of skill-based roles and the full support to contribute to each project in a positive and productive manner.

Diversity and Inclusion

In a world that is constantly changing, we embrace evolution and look after our team members, making sure that they can participate in all aspects free of prejudice.


We are fair in our interactions with people and business partners. We respect the rights of our associates with fair labor practices and resolve conflicts impartially.


Truth is the essence of our relationship with our partners and the people who trust us. We have built the integrity that characterizes us by choosing to be honest and transparent in our ways and dealings.